Virtual Chairman

Outsource your Chairman role to us to ensure you have a sounding board and are held accountable to deliver on your goals and objectives.

Why would you need a Virtual chairman?
Sometimes even the boss needs a boss. Research has proved that when outcomes or results need to be reported or disclosed to another party, the likelihood of success is greater. The pressure of having to report on the “state of the business” is often the catalyst to make things happen.
As virtual chairman, we provide an external perspective to:
Review your financials, budgets and dashboard numbers.
Review your strategy
Align your team to common goals
Chair your meetings in a formal and structured format
Review your board minutes
Raise and facilitate the discussion of important issues
Ask questions the rest of the team hasn’t thought of
Focus on the business issues without emotion
Play executive coach to team members on addressing behaviour issues
Hold the executive team accountable to achieve the goals and targets

How can bizHQ help your business?

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