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“Experience the benefit of regular team meetings facilitated by an independent, impartial and objective business coach that focuses on taking the business forward.”

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About Team Coaching
Whether it’s your management team or your sales force, there is enormous benefit in getting the team together to focus on taking the business forward. Having a coach facilitate these meetings is effective because we are not affected by office politics, we have no favourites or vested interests and we are totally objective and impartial. It is important for the business owner to get buy-in and commitment from the team, so they can run the business in the owner’s absence.
Benefits of team coaching
The Right People
Through team coaching, we help business owners identify future leaders, gaps in skills and poor performers.

Common Goals
Coaching a team on a common goal gives employees a sense of belonging, purpose, and focus.

Culture and values
Team coaching provides an opportunity to consciously promote and “live” the workplace culture and values.

Plan of Action
The team is responsible for implementing the 90-day plan which clearly outlines tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities.

Rules of the Game
Regular team sessions provide clear boundaries in which the team can operate and promotes participation and responsibility.
Measures and Reviews
Accountability coaching holds each member of the team accountable to deliver on their key performance indicators (KPIs).
Coaching Options

Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly

Executive, Departmental & Management Teams

Hourly, Half Day or Full Day

Coaching to a Specific Goal

Executive Team Alignment Coaching

Topic-Specific Workshops

Strategic Facilitation |

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