Profiling & Assessments

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Our assessment center provides internal and external feedback to give you insight on what to focus on.

Business Assessments
Before you can move forward, you need a benchmark to understand where your business is right now.
Personality and Individual Profiling Assessments
Profile XT
Online questionnaire that benchmarks behaviour to a particular position or role.
Belbin Profile
Natural, adaptive and weak role preference and team gap analysis.
Enneagram assessment
Understanding behavioural motivators in the workplace.
DISC Profile
Complete an online questionnaire to determine strength and adaptability in areas of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.
DISC Comparative Profile
An alignment tool for individuals in a team. Comparative reports assist in identifying the best way to communicate with colleagues based on their DISC Profiles.
EQ Assessment
Leaders are characterised by high Emotional Intelligence (EQ). This is an online questionnaire that evaluates the current EQ of your leaders, managers, and employees.
Leadership Review
We spend a day observing the leader in the workplace environment engaging with the team, clients, suppliers, management.
Values identifier
Used in personal alignments to determine an individual’s personal values which will influence their business goals and dreams.
360 Leadership Assessments
Canvas the opinions of subordinates, superiors and peers to uncover leadership and managerial blindspots.

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