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“One size does not fit all. Our most effective programme is customised one-on-one coaching that focuses on identifying and improving your business’s unique challenges and growth opportunities.”

Business & Leadership Coaching Johannesburg South Africa
About Business & Leadership Coaching
Business coaching helps you, the business owner, to achieve business success by providing an independent view of your business processes and behaviours and assists you to identify your goals and the action plans necessary to achieve them.
What is a business or leadership coach?
A business coach is an advisor, a mentor, a partner, a motivator, someone to keep you focused and hold you accountable. Business coaching is not consulting, we do not tell you what to do, and we don’t do the work for you. By asking the right questions, and drawing on your unique knowledge and skills, and mentoring you where there are gaps, we facilitate growth and learning to make business decisions that impact positively on your bottom line. We’ll help you realise your full potential by giving you the knowledge, tools, vision and motivation to take you and your business to the next level in Durban, Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa.
The bizHQ Strategic Process
Step 1: Discovery
We create a benchmark by which to measure the success of the business and the coaching programme by doing an evaluation of the business strategy and processes as well as a leadership assessment.
Step 2: Organisational alignment
Before coaching can commence, the leaders must be aligned with each other, with the business goals and with the shareholder’s vision. This gets everyone onto the same page.
Step 3: Defining Points A and B
Once we have the whole team on the same page (Point A), we need to determine the goals of the business (Point B) and agree what needs to happen to move the business to the next level.
Step 4: Action Plan
Businesses that fail to plan, plan to fail! We help business owners and teams put proper 90 day plans in place with actionable tasks, deadlines and responsibilities.
Step 5: Coaching sessions
1:1 coaching sessions focus on executing the action plans to ensure business performance and results, and on enhancing leadership skills and addressing blind spots.
Step 6: Review
Progress is reviewed continuously to assess value and to maintain momentum and traction. The programme as adapted as progress is made or when new issues surface.
Coaching Options
Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly
Face-to-face or Telephonic
60 minutes or 90 minutes
Benefits of Business Coaching
Business Goals
Personal Goals

Personal goals determine your business goals and strategy. We aim for business success, but the attainment of personal happiness and satisfaction is a conscious by-product.

Hard Core Skills
Soft Issues

Through coaching, the business owner develops bottom-line-driven fundamental skills to help increase revenues and profits. At the same time, we advocate positive changes in attitudes and behaviour to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills for personal growth.

Big Picture
Micro Detail

Business coaching is an effective tool to help business owners think and dream big. Once you know where you are headed, we work on the 90-day plans, with monthly, weekly and daily actions, and hourly default diaries to ensure you make it happen.

Short-Term Wins
Long-Term Sustainability

Our programmes focus on short-term goals that result in an immediate improvement in cashflow, revenue or growth. Coaching introduces a new way of thinking and empowers the owner to take the business into the future and ensure its long-term sustainability.

External Perspectives
Internal Implementation

A business coach provides an objective, independent, external view of the business and holds up a mirror to potential blind spots. Implementation of strategies and action plans is done internally, ensuring that the entire team learns and grows.


Coaching focuses on increasing awareness of the health of the business and personal self-limiting beliefs and negative behaviours. The process encourages the owner to take ownership and responsibility for decisions and the future, and avoid blame, excuses, and denial.

Work Hard
Play Hard

The business owner is expected to do “homework” between coaching sessions and is held accountable to implement changes and strategies to increase revenues and profits. Coaching also encourages you to focus on the positives, celebrate the wins and reward yourself and the team for reaching targets and goals.

Critical Questions
Insightful Answers

By asking probing and tough questions, coaching forces the owners and executives to think critically about their leadership skills and the business fundamentals, and to find sound solutions and answers.

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