About bizHQ

bizHQ – The Business Headquarters

Was established in 2015 to help businesses and their owners, as well as executives and their teams, reach their goals and positively influence their bottom lines.

‘Our purpose is to grow leaders and businesses through coaching solutions that provide a fusion of leadership skills and sound business principles.’


Our Approach

“The Yin Yang concept symbolises complementary forces that interact to form a holistic whole”. Our modified Yin-Yang icon in our logo reflects our approach to coaching and business success: balance and fusion. It’s about focusing on the numbers, systems, and functions of the business and working on the “head space” of the owners and the team.


Why Is BizHQ’s Yin Yang Icon On Its Side?

Because that is the role of a coach…to make you look at your business from a different perspective

Finding Your Way

When you identify the personal, meaningful reasons why you wake up in the morning and go to work, you will find the motivation to focus on the business goals that will help you achieve your personal dreams. We believe your business should take you places … whatever that place is.

Going Global

Private School Education

Community Upliftment

Holiday Home


Time With Family

Early Retirement

New Car

Where do you want your business to take you?

Small business owners have a product or skill that they can build the foundations of a business on. But do they have the knowledge and experience to perform all head office functions?

Strategy and planning


Marketing and Sales

Human Resources



bizHQ helps to identify areas for improvement, and then facilitates change in the business through focusing on:

Skills Transfer

Belief Systems

Business Behaviour

Planning Strategy

Through a fusion of:







Our Values

bizHQ’s values are all about balance and the fusion of paradoxical forces… combining two opposite, yet complementary concepts to achieve a well-balanced whole.


We collaborate and work together to share ideas. However, we believe in personal ownership, responsibility, and accountability to do what is expected of each other.

stable changes

Progress and growth is measured by change. But to ensure that change does not create uncertainty, chaos and instability, the key is to manage change with controls and sustainable strategies.

Planned Intuition

Plans give you structure, focus and a course of action to follow. But sometimes you have to go with your gut, do what feels right, and trust your instinct.

Tight Loose

We strive to be flexible, adaptable, accommodating and dynamic within the confines of sound business practices with discipline, firm policies, rules of the game and processes that are adhered to.

Uncomfortable Comfort

We are only comfortable when we push ourselves and our coaching clients out of the comfort zone. We aim for consistency and best practice, without complacency and staleness.

Illogical logic

We offer an alternative opinion and help the business owner to think differently about their business because a different result requires a different approach.

Work Hard Play Hard

Business needs to facilitate what makes you happy. Personal dreams can be fulfilled through the success of your business.

Less Talk More Action

Meetings, communication, strategy and planning sessions must lead to meaningful actionable tasks with deadlines and responsibilities.

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