spring shoots


There’s something special about Spring. Renewed energy, the promise of growth, fresh thinking, a new start. It’s also a busy time in the garden, because the effort you put into the garden now, will reap rewards in a few months’ time.

Spring is a great time to harness this positivity and energy and apply it to your business.

Prune your client base

Sometimes in order to grow, you need to cut back first. We are so focused on growing our client base, that we sometimes end up with dead wood. Have a look at your client base, and work out who your good clients are – these are clients who are loyal, pay on time, keep coming back, refer your business to friends, and who are profitable. Then work out who prune. These are clients who never pay on time, threaten to go elsewhere, always want a discount, complain about everything and keep you busy for little profit. Cut them off. By getting rid of these clients, you free yourself up to get new clients that are more profitable and less effort.

Rake your database

Sift through your database of contacts and look for potential clients that may have fallen through the cracks. Re-establish communication with people that may have been in contact with you but didn’t follow through on a purchase. Update contact details and make sure you stay in touch with the business community in which you operate.

Weed your debtors

When last did you do an age analysis on outstanding debtors? Debtors are like weeds… if you don’t keep them under control they tend to take over and escalate overnight. You have terms of payment with your clients. If they do not pay on time, they are in breach of contract. You have every right to enforce payment on time. Like weeding, this is a discipline that needs to be consistently applied so you don’t end up with a massive problem down the line.

Fertilise for growth

Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Where can you invest in your business for future growth? It may be a financial investment, or an investment in time to get things in place that will pay off down the line. Invest in marketing, equipment, people – or business coaching!

Water your seeds

I meet lots of clients with ideas or goals or a vision of what they want to achieve one day. But they are so caught up in tending to the day-do-day tasks that they don’t take time out to nurture the seeds of their ideas. Seeds don’t grow into plants without the input of water and sunlight. What is sitting at the back of your mind that you want to get to? What is needed to start the process of getting your seed to germinate?

The benefits of manure

No business is perfect. S%#t happens. But often the learnings we get from mistakes and challenges can benefit the business greatly for the future. But it’s important to acknowledge what went wrong so you can learn from it.

Showcase your blooms

If your business is successful, you have stories to tell and share. Potential clients will feel more comfortable committing to doing business with a company that is visibly successful at what they do. Get testimonials from happy clients, prepare case studies, draw up a portfolio of work. Show off the end product and celebrate your successes.

If you need help to “landscape” your business, contact me to chat about your needs.

Happy Spring!

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