We’ve made it through Janu-worry and the peak of the second wave of Covid-19. The year is well and truly underway, but there’s no doubt things feel a bit subdued and different. A couple of clients have asked how we can help to engage their teams and keep them motivated. Enter bizHQ’s “Lunch ‘n Learn” webinar series, which can be tailored for your business.

Here’s how it works…

Once a week for a month, at a time that suits you, we host a “Lunch ‘n Learn” webinar. The webinar is exclusively for you and an unlimited number of employees (platform dependent).

Each week, we spend an hour over lunch, on an engaging, fun, practical webinar on business and personal growth topics of your choice.

Topic suggestions
  • Time Management – learn to master yourself, prioritise, delegate and eliminate procrastination.
  • Teams and behavioural profiles – how and why teams behave like they do, the different personality profiles and how to get the best out of each other.
  • EQ – learn to improve your EQ… this could be a high level once-off webinar, or a 4-part series to focus on the 4 pillars of EQ.
  • Execution – how to get stuff done!
  • Be x Do = Have – what you need to do and how you need to behave to get what you want.
  • Change Formula – Change only takes place when your vision for the future and your dissatisfaction with the status quo is greater than your resistance.
  • RESULT goal setting – beyond SMART goals – how to set goals that actually produce results.
What you’ll get out of it
  • Team building: An opportunity for your team to get together online and engage. This is especially important for those who are still working remotely.
  • It will get them to think differently.
  • The content is geared towards their personal and professional development.
  • Although the skills will benefit the individual employees personally, the company will benefit from upskilled and motivated team members.
  • It’s an opportunity to invest in your employees without a “per head” cost.
How big can this thing get?

As an optional extra, we suggest having a desk drop delivered to each employee for the webinar, including a catered lunch, some promo items related to the day’s topic and something fun that they will use to engage with each other during the webinar.

Once off special offer

Company exclusive webinar

We are offering our “Lunch ‘n Learn” webinar series at a total cost of R20,000 ex VAT for 4 exclusive webinars, equating to R5,000 ex VAT per session. The number of attendees is only limited by the platform you choose to host it on. Contact us for more information.

Public webinar

If your team is small, but you would like to participate in the “Lunch ‘n Learn” series, we are happy to put a couple of teams from different companies together onto one webinar, at a cost of R500 ex VAT per head. Contact us to let us know you are keen, and we will make a plan!

If you missed last week’s blog on the importance of investing in the professional development of your team, read it here.

Hope to hear from you soon… have a great weekend.

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