It’s that time of the year when everyone is desperate for a well-deserved break. And after the year we’ve had, this is more pertinent than ever. However, rather than wishing that the year was over, or wishing that things were different, or hoping to forget the year gone by, this is a perfect opportunity to review, reflect, recharge and refresh.

We need to acknowledge that the repercussions of 2020 will follow in 2021. If we think that the business landscape will miraculously return to “normal” on 1 January, we are delusional. All indicators point to the continuation of more of the same for a while. However, if we use this break wisely, we can approach 2021 with experience, hindsight, learnings and a plan.


The end of the year provides the opportunity to review the period prior. What have you managed to achieve in 2020? You are still reading this, so that’s a positive! What is going well despite the circumstances? What are you currently busy with and how is that going? How can you do things differently to avoid the challenges you may have encountered this year? What changes were forced upon you?


Time out of the business gives you breathing space for reflection. Although you can’t change the past, reflecting on the past is the best way to learn. It gives you time to think about yourself for a change. How are you coping? What’s driving you? What’s stressing you out? What makes you happy? What are you grateful for? Can you make changes to improve your current situation? What are you enjoying and how can you do more of that? You also need to reflect on the positives of the year… your resilience, flexibility, determination and grit. And perhaps you can even find a positive end to the sentence, “I am so grateful that 2020 taught me……..


It’s important to slow down at this time of year. It’s not just about getting away and spending quality time with family and friends doing the things you love most. It’s also an opportunity to clear the millions of things that are swarming around in your head.

You see, when you are on the go the whole time, your mind gets cluttered and you stop thinking clearly. You start dropping balls, forgetting things, decreasing the quality of your work, and that’s just not good for business.

Just as your body recharges, renews, grows and repairs when you sleep, your business will benefit from a period of slumber when you are not pushing it to the limit.


And finally, use this time as an opportunity to dream about the future. It’s very difficult to think big picture, be innovative and creative when you are bogged down with the daily grind and operating in survival mode. Time out frees your headspace to concentrate on your vision and goals for the future. When you start getting excited about the possibilities, you will find new energy to tackle the new year ahead.

This is our last blog for the year, as we need to practice what we preach and review, reflect, recharge and refresh.

Our greatest learning from this year, can be summed up in Jim Rohn’s quote:

“Don’t wish it was easier – wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems – wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge – wish for more wisdom”

Jim Rohn

We can help you make your wish come true… perhaps 2021 is the year you take me on as your business or executive coach!

Wishing you all a safe and relaxed festive season, and a healthy and prosperous new year.

Until January…

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