With more than 12 years of business and executive coaching under the belt, the benefits are obvious to me. But sometimes it’s good to get feedback from the recipients of the coaching programmes. It’s interesting to see what they take out from the sessions.

We recently completed a programme with future leaders at a large organisation. The leadership programme focused on personal growth and developing EQ – discovering self, managing self, understanding others and managing others.

The feedback we received on the learnings and outcomes helps to shed light on the impact of coaching, and it is perhaps more relevant to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Trend 1: Understanding and managing self

“I have learned that growth doesn’t just happen. You must know yourself to grow yourself.”

“It taught me that if I don’t know myself, I cannot manage others.”

“The assessments were spot on, especially the personal and DISC assessments. It made me pause and reflect and work on my low scoring areas to improve.”

“The assessments and sessions have helped me to be aware of who I am, therefore I am able to communicate much better and build relationships with the knowledge that we are similar and different.”

“I learned to idealise, to visualise, to verbalise and to materialise.”

“I am capable. I am unique. I own my space and progress. I can steer my current position to something else. I should continually nourish my mind. I should continually assess myself.”

Trend 2: Understanding and managing others

“The benefit of the programme for me was the importance of knowing your team, their strengths and weaknesses, so that you know how to deal with each individual.”

“It taught me how to deal with different kinds of people and make them have trust in you so that they can deliver. “

“I think the way that I handle issues within the team has changed since the programme. Teamwork, and understanding of one another, is of utmost importance so that you can move in one direction.”

“The best lesson I have taken away from the programme is on building rapport so that I can extend my influence over everyone I meet. This is an area I will be giving special attention to, especially as I would like the team I am leading to be high performers.”

Trend 3: Communication

“Since attending the coaching sessions, I have noticed an improvement in the level of communication I have with the team. We communicate on a daily basis in order to keep improving our service to our customers. We also give regular feedback to each other in order to improve areas in our daily work.”

“From my learnings in the course, I have come to realise that we all have different DISC profiles. Some people, especially those with a high conscientious style, may not take kindly to my dominant style. I have therefore resolved to interact better with these people. My approach to them is now indirect and non-threatening. I undertake to explain the rationale of what I ask of them. I also try to adapt to the profiles of everyone in my team when addressing them individually.”

“It is now easy to manage my subordinates without fear. One on one meetings have been a problem for me but now I handle them with ease.”

“I have learned how first impressions affect the continuation/halt of a conversation. I can now read cues on whether the conversation is going the right way.“

Trend 4: Personal Growth in Leadership Skills

“The programme taught me to always focus on what I can control to avoid self-sabotaging myself.”

“Most importantly, every decision I make has a shadow.”

“It has also made me more conscious and intentional about becoming a better leader.”

“I have managed to measure value compared to enjoyment. Monthly meetings with subordinates are now  arranged with agenda items from my learnings.”

“I have seen an improvement in prioritising work and my ability to make sound decisions, without being emotional about it.”

Trend 5: Reframe

“The take-away from the programme is that uncertainties can be positive as it pushes one to reframe, accept, rewire, refocus, and reset.”

 “Reset, reconnect, reflect, and reposition oneself to take on any challenge.”

“Greg has an uncanny ability to deliver the message and create a fun environment. His content is focused and targeted to the audience, extracting solutions to challenges while getting the team to realise their untapped potential.”

Great feedback from future leaders. How can I help you, your team and your business? Let’s talk.

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