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If lockdown has revealed anything, perhaps it’s the priorities of who we need in our inner circle. Social distancing has forced a retreat away from the people we associate with every day. In some cases, it’s been a welcome reprieve from those who add no value to our lives. In other cases, the lack of contact has made the importance of positive influences in our lives apparent.

As we return to a semblance of normality, now is a good time to make a conscious decision, devoid of obligation, about who you choose to associate with. If you look through your contacts on your phone, how many people would you strike off your positive list? People who disrespect you, use you, drain you, betray you, let you down and bring out the worst in you.

Here’s the thing… successful people surround themselves with people who influence them positively. So, let’s apply this to your business.

Your team

Hiring the right people for the job at hand is the most important decision you can make. How often do you settle for employees that are not quite up to scratch? Don’t be afraid to hire people who complement your skills rather than clone your skills. Ensure that the people you hire share your values and fit into the company culture. When you have employees with the right attitude, the rest will fall into place.

Your suppliers

Most businesses are reliant on suppliers. Make sure you have the right suppliers in place that understand and support your vision and what you are aiming to achieve. Your suppliers should not let you down, they need to deliver what they promise, and in return you need to respect them by paying on time.

Your customers

Yes, you get to choose your customers. But you first need to understand that you get the customers you deserve, so make sure you are offering the best service and products possible so you can attract customers that are prepared to pay for your services and appreciate what you do. Too many of us think we can’t fire a client. Nonsense. When clients are unreasonable, always find something to complain about, don’t pay on time, question everything and don’t value your product or service it’s time to remove them.

Your mentors

Who do you associate with? Do you have a mentor, a coach, a business consultant or an industry association that feeds your positivity and success? Who guides you, holds up a mirror, motivates you and inspires you? Do your friends and family share your ambition, encourage and support you? Do you socialise with a community of like-minded people?

You are only going to be as good as the people you surround yourself with, so be brave enough to let go of those who are weighing you down.  

Post lockdown is an opportunity to refresh your inner circle and lock in the right people, and lock out the bad.

If you need a business or executive coach on your side, contact me for a complimentary session.

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