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Five Essential Principles of Leadership Coaching in Johannesburg

Leadership coaching has come to Joburg, and companies across South Africa are benefiting.  A great Johannesburg leadership coach can inspire you and your other executives to think bigger, try harder, and find new approaches to running your business.  No matter what field you’re in, a coach can introduce you to new ideas.

However, there are a lot of leadership coaches out there, and they’re not all up to snuff.  These are some of the essential traits and principles you want to look for when hiring a Johannesburg leadership coaching service.

Traits You Want in A Johannesburg Leadership Coach

1. Creating a safe learning environment

Leadership coaches are there to help, not to judge.  Those being coached should always feel safe and comfortable with the coach.  The coach creates a situation where the coachees are challenged but can take risks and make intuitive leaps to gain a better understanding of a situation. 

2. Coaching towards agreed goals

Fundamentally, the coach is there to help their coachees succeed – and that’s success as the coachees determine it.  Coaches should always be willing to adjust their curriculum to fit the stated goals of the coachees, helping them with the things they most want to improve.

3. Facilitation, not dictation

The philosopher Socrates was famous for teaching by asking questions, rather than lecturing.  A good executive coach should do much the same.  They aren’t giving dry lectures and PowerPoint presentations; they’re asking questions and putting forth new ideas for the coachees to grapple with.

4. Promoting self-awareness

Self-awareness is one of the single most important traits of a business leader.  Executives should always be capable of self-analysis, as well as understanding how they are contributing to evolving situations – for better or worse.  A great leadership coach can train and reinforce this skill.

5. Modeling behavior

Finally, if you’re looking for the mark of a truly great executive coach, it’s that they always practice what they preach.  The coach should be able to demonstrate the validity of their own ideas and methods by modeling them as part of the coaching exercises.  This reinforces the lessons while showing successful implementation.

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