School’s out! Another year is done and dusted and pupils and students across the country are coming home with a report card that reflects the performance and outcome of a year of learning and gaining new knowledge. If your business had a report card for 2019, would you pass or fail? 

Use the following criteria to self-assess your business’ performance this year. For each category, give yourself a ranking from 1-5, where:
1 = completely disagree with the statement
2 = disagree with the statement
3 = not sure
4 = agree with the statement
5 = completely agree with the statement
Strategy and goals 
Our business’ strategy is documented. It is clear, innovative and translated into a 1 year plan and four 90 day plans. It is measured and tracked to achieve objectives.
Finance and risk 
Our business’ profitability, costs, budgeting, compliance and risk was managed effectively to achieve targets.
Our marketing strategy and plans were documented, campaigns were tested and measured, unique selling points communicated, resulting in increases in lead generation.
We focused on improving our conversion rate, generated new business and attracted the right caliber of new customers.
Systems and processes 
Our business’ processes, products, projects and technology were optimised to achieve efficiency, effectiveness, quality, speed and world class service standards.
We focused on recruiting, retaining and developing the talent and skills required to deliver the business strategy both now and in the future.
Leadership skills 
We displayed the right leadership skills and behaviours that reflect our business values and help all employees achieve their potential.
7-14: Fail! Repeat the year, get help and try harder next time!
14-21 Fail! But you were so close…
21-28 Pass… not too shabby, but room for improvement
28-35 Pass with honours – you nailed it, well done.
If you feel you could have done better this year, perhaps it is time to call me so we can help you identify your blindspots that are preventing you to reaching your full potential. Let’s chat…
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