Business coaching, building clocks to improve client relationships

Three Ways To Build Effective Client Relationships

Business coaching often addresses the challenge of customer retention. Businesses employ many innovative strategies to increase sales and customers, but sometimes we simply need to go back to basics. The days of the customer being King (and Queen) are back with a vengeance.

In an age where customer loyalty is middling at best and millennials want to explore all options, it takes a concerted effort to keep your clients. The only way to do it is to build genuine relationships based on trust and mutual benefit. Here are three key things to keep in mind to build effective client relationships.

Don’t ‘act’ desperate

Businesses need to dedicate their responsiveness, time and drive to every one of their clients. They need to show respect towards clients and demonstrate appreciation for choosing the business. However, while doing so, avoid coming off as desperate to your clients. You must remember that if you are genuinely providing value then it is a relationship of equals. Do not allow your client to bully or mistreat your team or your employees will leave and you will be left wondering how to service your other clients. An effective relationship is one where there is mutual respect.

Walk the road less traveled

You can build an effective client relationship by exceeding expectations. Share your knowledge, suggest ideas, let them know what you think would be better if done differently. Be vulnerable and personable, admit to your mistakes and occasionally go the extra mile. Do your research into industry trends and look for unique ways to satisfy your clients.

Over Communicate rather than under

It’s astounding how many of us take this simple rule for granted – and not just in business but our personal relationships too. Most businesses know their customer or client is important, however, when you look at their actions you would be forgiven for imagining they don’t believe their client is important or consider the relationship between them and their clients as crucial as it is.

It’s not just about honouring the client’s wish, making money and moving on to the next one. Simple things such as keeping a client up to date on a project rather than waiting for them to call you, or communicating challenges before they turn into crises, shows that you intend to build an ongoing and lasting relationship.

Businesses should not take clients for granted. One client can generate a whole list of new clients based on the relationship they had with a business. Lasting relationships that businesses build with their clients lead to lasting success of the business.

Struggling with client retention, or need an objective point of view on a business relationship? Why not get in touch with me today and let’s have a chat?

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