The Springboks have a coach. Shouldn’t your business?

South Africans are gearing up to support the Springbok rugby team ahead of their World Cup campaign, which commences this weekend. Behind the scenes, their coaches have been preparing the team for months to ensure they perform to their full potential. A high-performance team simply cannot operate without its coaching staff. So why do so many businesses feel they have to do it alone? Isn’t it time your business took on a coach?

Running a business isn’t easy, especially in these current climes: you need a great idea, investors, a solid business and marketing plan, and a host of other resources at your disposal. That’s why it’s important to get organised early on. To make this happen, many South African companies opt to hire a business coaching firm to ensure their teams are ready to work to their full potential.

As one of the area’s leading executive coaching companies, bizHQ has helped many businesses shape their future and plan for long-term success. We put together some of the advantages of hiring a South African business coach for you and your team to discuss.

Business Coaching Benefits Strategy

One of the ways business coaching can benefit your strategy is by helping you hone your resources and create a clear path for success. No matter what size your company is, developing a concise strategy for growth early on is how many businesses end up succeeding year after year. At the early stages, a business coach will often work with the CEOs and upper management of a company to clearly define obstacles and achievable goals that will then be communicated to the rest of the organisational structure.

Business Coaching is Essential to the bottom line

Business coaching can boost your bottom line and help you ensure success in the future, but that isn’t the only reason why it’s essential. Another leading advantage of hiring a business coach is that the leaders of your business will have a chance to discuss sensitive issues and obstacles in complete confidence. The non-judgmental environment allows employees at every level to discuss things like performance pressures, organisational design, and key performance indicators without fear of reprisal.

A Business Coach is unaffected by Internal Politics 

Whether it’s your management team or your sales force, there is enormous benefit in getting the team together to focus on taking the business forward. Having a coach facilitate these meetings is effective because we are not affected by office politics, we have no favourites or vested interests and we are totally objective and impartial. It is important for the business owner to get buy-in and commitment from the team, so they can run the business in the owner’s absence. Through team coaching, we help business owners identify future leaders, gaps in skills and poor performers.

A Business Coach Keeps his Eye on the Prize 

Let’s face it – it’s not always easy keeping the main thing, the main thing. We all end up prioritising urgent tasks over important ones every now and again. A coach can provide assistance to the team responsible for implementing the 90-day plan which clearly outlines tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities. Athletes always cite the advantage of having a coach to limit distractions and maintain focus as priceless, that’s how you win – and we at bizHQ want nothing less than that for you.

Let bizHQ help your business excel!

Want your business to endure? No matter what type of business you run, bizHQ has the tools to help it succeed. Learn more about our executive and group coaching services, business assessments, and more by calling +27 (0) 11 463 7835. You can also contact us online for additional information.

Go bokke!

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