Running on a treadmill at gym has got to be one of them most boring activities. It’s a whole lot of effort, running on the spot and making no progress. Seeing the same scenery. Getting tired. The only thing preventing me from pushing the emergency stop button is the hope that I might be getting fitter. But no matter how fit I get on the treadmill, I am still going nowhere, it is still no fun, and I have to drag myself to do it.

Is this yet another metaphor for business? How many of us are dragging ourselves to work? We are doing the same thing everyday, working ourselves to the bone, never making progress, and simply not having fun! The only thing we are doing is getting more work-fit, and getting used to working ourselves to the bone. Are we ever going to cross the finish line, or are we going to continue running on the spot forever?

Too many business owners are doing what they need to do to survive, maintain and sustain their income, when what they should be doing is aiming to grow, achieve and thrive.

It’s time to set a proper goal that will take you places.


Maintaining the current status quo is not a goal. It is the bare minimum you should expect of yourself. So, the first step is to have a good hard look at your current situation and identify where you could grow or make improvements. And there isn’t a business in the world that can’t find an area to focus on.

Set yourself a BHAG – a big hairy audacious goal. Running on the treadmill starts becoming more meaningful when you know you are working towards running a marathon in a few months’ time. Put a deadline to the goal, and then structure a programme with milestones to work yourself closer and closer to the goal.

Client churn

To grow your income and bottom line involves getting more clients, getting your clients to do more business with you, getting your clients to pay more for your services or products, and increasing your margins.

 Key to all this is to retain your existing client base. There is no point in working hard to get new clients on board if your existing ones are leaving you. That is just replacing your client base, rather than increasing your client base and is similar to running 1,5 km every day for a year. You aint gonna finish that marathon!

In addition, if you don’t have happy existing clients, they are not going to give you more business, and they certainly won’t want to pay more! So, while growth involves looking beyond your current situation, you can’t lose sight of your everyday operations and customers.

If you feel like you are going nowhere fast, perhaps it’s time to get off the treadmill and start going places. Think of me as a personal trainer for your business, and let’s chat!

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