Not everyone can start a business and get it up and running. Not everyone can maintain an existing business to ensure its sustainability. And not everyone can grow a plateauing business and take it to the next level. Different phases of business require different people, with different skills.

Start ups

You need risk takers, mavericks, entrepreneurs and big picture visionaries to start a business and get it up and running.

Established businesses

Established businesses need detail-driven people who can implement systems and structures, processes and policies to ensure the business can run sustainably.

Expanding businesses

And it’s yet another type of person who can grow, expand and diversify an existing business that has been trucking along nicely.

Therefore, sometimes the business outgrows its people. And that’s ok. In fact, that’s great… because it means the business is moving forward. What is important is to have the right people in place for the different phases of business.

Growing with the business

Sometimes the individuals in the team can grow with the business and extend themselves as experience kicks in and as the needs of the business change.

Making use of external expertise

In other cases, business and executive coaches can work with the team to help them recognise how they need to think and behave differently as the phases of business change. That’s what I spend most of my time doing with my coaching clients.

Redundant skills

Sometimes the individuals are simply not capable of change and growth, or their skills are no longer valuable and suited to the phase of the business, and that’s when you need a shake up and a new team. In fact, the last thing you want is to hold on to people who are not best placed to help the business move forward.

Remember, you have to do something different to achieve a different result. Perhaps it’s time to bring in a new team who will do things differently, rather than relying on people who are stuck in their ways, holding you to ransom, display stagnant thinking and have hit the ceiling within your organisation.

Pros and cons of new employees

Staff turnover can hamper a business’ growth as new people need to be trained, take time to get up to speed and change the culture of the organisation. However, the other side of the coin is an injection of new blood. Fresh ideas, new ways of thinking, ambitious and motivated people who want to prove themselves. It’s not such a bad thing to get a new team on board with a new goal and an aligned vision of where they want to take the business.

Take some time out to think about what phase your business is currently in. What type of people do you need in the team to ensure the success of your business in this phase? Do you have those people in place? Can you coach these people to keep growing with the business? What is the next phase of the business? What type of people will you need in the team to get you to that level?

It’s not just corporates who need a workforce plan, leadership plan and succession plan. If you think like a small business, you will always be a small business.

Make sure you surround yourself with the right people to help you achieve the next level in your business.

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