It’s February already! I know that the people I deal with on a daily basis are not necessarily a representative sample of the economy, but I have been encouraged by the number of business owners who are reporting a great start to 2019. Is it due to behaviour or action?

I’ve tried to work out why this particular group of businesses have started the year with a bang. Unfortunately there is no holy grail or sure-win business strategy or action to pass on. For some, it’s about team alignment and focus, for others it’s due to streamlining or leverage.  Some businesses have implemented KPIs and others have someone driving a scorecard. But what I can tell you is that they all share a positive attitude and behaviours that drive success.

The formula for achieving goals

So, here’s the thing with goals. To achieve them, you need to define the actions required. But more importantly, to achieve your goals, you need to define the behaviours that are required. In my coaching sessions, we call this BE x DO = HAVE.

In order to HAVE something, or achieve a result or a stated goal, you need to define what you need to DO (your actions, steps, tasks) and who you need to BE (your attitudes, beliefs, behaviours). Without both factors, your goals are unlikely to be achieved.

If you keep doing the same thing that you always do, you will keep achieving the same results. So, if you are looking at achieving different results this year, you need to DO something different. If you follow the BE x DO = HAVE formula, you also need to BE something different, and change your behaviours.

How to implement BExDO=HAVE

Ask yourself what actions, behaviours, habits, approaches are working for your business, and result in positive outcomes. What actions, behaviours and approaches are not working for you and what are the negative consequences of that behaviour?

We are talking about things like procrastination, bickering among team members, not setting time aside in the diary to work ON the business, a lack of self-discipline, mis-communication, or not holding each other accountable.

If you are not achieving your goals, is it because of poor planning, too much operational work, poor time management, under estimation or over estimation. Could it be lack of alignment of your team, no ownership of the goal, no measures, poor buy-in from the team or just an uninspiring goal?

Behaviour drives delivery of the actions. The best systems and plans in the world are rendered useless if they are implemented by people with poor attitudes, negativity, a lack of ambition or work ethic.

Before the year really runs away from you, check your goals and targets. Identify what behaviours are critical to the success and achievement of those goals and then BE that person!

Easier said than done? Perhaps the behaviour change you need is to ask for help! I’m waiting for your call…

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