Let Your Business Take You Places

Today, I am walking the talk, and living our business mantra. As you read this, we are celebrating a well-deserved and important milestone as family, with a sunny island getaway.

It’s no secret I love to travel. It’s what gets me up in the morning, and my personal dream chart and bucket list is overflowing with destinations I want to visit and experience.

This personal dream has nothing to do with my business. And yet it has everything to do with my business. You see, without my business, I would not have the opportunity to make my dreams of travel a reality. Everything I do in my business is aimed at achieving milestones and targets that get me one step closer to my personal goals.

What is interesting to note is that my personal goals are driving the success of my business. And in return, my business is taking me places.

What is your place? What do you want to “have”? A holiday home? More time with your family and friends? Volunteer work? Early retirement? A scratch golf handicap? A strong marriage?

Zig Ziglar says, you must “be” before you can “do” and “do” before you can “have”.

Your goals and dreams (have) will only become a reality if you work on the right behaviours (be) and the right actions (do).

We all have a “to-do” list ready on our desktops every day… this is a list of tasks and activities that we need to complete and tick off as we plough through the work.

But few people I meet have a “to-be” list. Is no one focusing on their mindsets, attitudes and behaviours?

I can guarantee that your chances of achieving a goal will dramatically improve if you begin writing a “to-be” list next to your “to-do” list.

Be confident.
Be assertive.
Be grateful.
Be friendly.
Be punctual.
Be tolerant.
Be efficient.
Be creative.
Be brave.

What would you add to your “to-be” list?

As I take some well-deserved time off, I will be reflecting on my next goal, the personal dream and the place I want to go next… and then I will create my “to-do” list and my “to-be” list for my business to take me there.

Is your business taking you places?

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