Turning your Business Focus on its Head

Have you ever noticed that when you do a word search or a puzzle that has you stumped, if you turn it around and look at it upside down, the words or puzzle pieces suddenly jump out and bite you?

Looking at things from a different perspective is often the key to finding a solution.

How we measure our business has a large impact on how successful we are. It’s a universal standard to measure your business according to the bottom line. The more profitable you are, the more successful your business. However, when you chase profits, financial targets and turnover figures, then your mindset, approach, and process are all about you and money.

So today I want to challenge you to identify how to measure your business differently, so that you can approach it differently, with a different way of thinking.

Allow yourself to have non-goal-directed thoughts

I often preach about the importance of having goals. However, sometimes our goals are our constraints. We become so single-minded in our approach that we lose focus on the bigger picture and miss opportunities that may present ourselves.

Stop thinking about yourself and your business

Instead of looking at every opportunity as “what’s in it for me”, try and focus on how you can help your clients or customers. What are they looking for? What solution can you provide? By adapting your model, service or product to meet a customer’s need, you could stumble upon a new product, new service or new stream of revenue.

Study another industry

Chat with other people in other industries about the way they do things. Could their processes, methodologies, strategies work in your business?

Work backwards

We often map our processes in a step by step plan that builds over time. By starting with the end goal and working backwards, you are more likely to find the right path.

“Browse” when you think

Allow yourself to explore and get lost in your brainstorming and thinking. We are so strapped for time that we often go for the quickest solution, which may not necessarily be the best solution. Allow yourself to “browse” the shelves of your brain for new ways of doing things.

How can you turn things upside down?

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