Small Business Case Study – DLish

Business Challenge
DLish, a small home-based company that provides specialised novelty cakes for every occasion, used business coaching to transform a hobby into a business. This required a change in mind-shift for Graeme Oberem from being a baker to being a business owner. Graeme had lost his mojo and passion for what he did.

Coaching approach
Coaching addressed Graeme’s resistance to change, negative self-talk and helped Graeme to separate his home life from his work. He was encouraged to focus on testing and measuring different strategies in markets that he believed wouldn’t work. He was taught to apply key business principles to increase his client base and his income.

Coaching results
In the first 6 months of coaching, Graeme saw a 60% increase in his turnover, proving that taking massive action gets results. His wife got involved in the business to help drive sales, and he got good results from new marketing strategies they tested and measured. Today, the business is still thriving!

From the client
“Coaching has helped me to become more organised and to take my business more seriously. In some ways, it forced me to grow up and face my responsibilities. Coaching definitely forced me to push my personal limits and step out of my comfort zone. It made me realise the importance and relevance of some basic business principles such as marketing and record-keeping,” Graeme Oberem

Watch Greg coach Graeme Oberem on SABC3’s The Business Coach

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