Business & Executive Coaching… Not For Everyone

The concept of business and executive coaching has taken off in South Africa. And as evidence of the benefits of coaching, business owners we have coached are extending the coaching to their key team members, so they too can benefit from coaching.

There was a time when coaching had a stigma attached to it… if you were not performing, you needed a coach. The tides have finally turned, and it has become a status symbol to have a coach… if you are valuable to the company, you get a coach!

But it’s not for everyone. When your employees are not paying for the coaching themselves, and they haven’t personally made the decision to hire a coach for themselves, there is a danger that coaching won’t yield the results that you are after.

So, when should you assign an employee a coach?

If the person’s performance and potential to your business is valuable. Business and executive business coaching cape town can be expensive and time consuming, so it should be an investment in the people who are critical to your organisation’s success, and who will deliver a return on this investment in the future. This would include leaders of business units or departments, your deputy or high-potential young leaders.

If the person is struggling with people, relationships, organisational and behavioural change. When leaders are learning how to manage themselves and engage with others, that is the perfect time to hire a coach. A CEO who needs to engage with investors, a recently promoted executive taking on more responsibility, or adjusting to lead former peers will benefit from a coach who will help the person think through and tackle their own problems.

If the person is willing and able to work with a coach. The person has got to want to change. Employees who are aware of their own limitations and are looking for someone to guide them through the process of personal growth will achieve great results from coaching. Look for a track record of unusual growth under the guidance of mentors and coaches… these are the people that will learn from a coach and take responsibility for implementing new insights.

If the person is facing a challenge that an in-house mentor can’t handle. It goes against my profession, but coaching should not be seen as an easier alternative for managers who abdicate their own coaching responsibilities to a professional. Part of managing a team is dealing with the “people stuff”, and many challenges can be solved with high level training, mentoring or reading.

If the person’s efforts to grow and change are supported by the team. Changing the way you think and behave is difficult without support from others. Coaching in a vacuum of support will fail before any goals are achieved if the rest of the team is indifferent, sceptical or hostile towards the person and the changes.

When conditions are right, executive coaching cape town can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make!

Off to the berg with the family today! Have a great weekend everyone.



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