The Business Headquarters, affectionately known as bizHQ, was established to help businesses and their owners as well as executives and their teams reach their goals and positively influence their bottom lines.

Why bizHQ?

After years of business and executive coaching, we’ve come to realise that a business coach offers guidance and support to small and medium businesses on the functions of a business that are usually handled by centralised head office departments in large corporates.

Let’s face it, as a business owner, you came into the business with a product or skill that you could build the foundations of a business on. Very rarely do we find a business owner who is also an expert in Strategy, Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance and Operations. Yet these core functions are key to business success.

bizHQ helps to identify areas for improvement, and then facilitates change in the business through focusing on attitudes and belief systems, behaviour, planning and strategic interventions through coaching, consulting, training, outsourcing and contracting.

The bizHQ Approach

Our modified Yin Yang icon in our logo reflects our approach to coaching and business success. The Yin Yang concept – which symbolises complementary forces that interact to form a holistic whole – reflects the balance between focusing on the numbers, systems and functions of the business and working on the “head space” of the owners and the team. We turned the icon on its side, because that is the role of a coach… to make you look at your business from a different perspective.

Key to business success is to identify the real, personal and meaningful reasons why business owners wake up in the morning and go to work. It’s this acknowledgement of the personal “why” that provides the motivation to focus on getting the business fundamentals in place in order to improve profits.

Going Places

We believe your business should take you places… whatever that place is. Whether you have aspirations to go global, provide private school education for your children, contribute to community upliftment, buy a holiday home, travel, spend more time with your family or retire early, your business is the conduit to making that happen.

From start up businesses to established corporate entities, bizHQ has a programme that will help your business take you places.